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Physical Therapy in SLC


Grassroots is dedicated to meeting the physical therapy needs of the greater Salt Lake community. Whether you have a new injury or long-standing pain, we want to help you return to living life pain free! 

Grassroots offers one-on-one evaluation and treatment sessions in our Sugarhouse clinic that aim to understand the nature of your individual complaints and to provide you with the most effective, evidence-based solutions and self-management programs. Our therapists share their expertise with you, so that you can keep your body pain-free and performing at your optimal level.

Our therapists are guided by the principles of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®, Functional Dry Needling and evidence-based manual physical therapy. This extensive and varied training provides us with an assessment process that leads to a mechanical diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for our patients. 


Our PT clinic specializes in 

physical therapy shoulder mobility exercises

Therapeutic Exercise:

Tailored mobility exercises that give you the power to control your pain and stiffness. These exercises are simple, they do not require the use of expensive equipment and they can be conducted just about anywhere.

manual physical therapy techniques

Manual therapy:

Advanced hands-on techniques applied to joints and soft tissue to promote normal functioning and mechanics. This includes spine and extremity joint mobilization and manipulation techniques and Functional Dry Needling®. These techniques are applied to assist you with progression to self-management.

sports injury physical therapy

Alignment Education:

Strategies and exercises designed to help you combat gravity and align your skeleton and muscles to promote optimal function, spinal alignment, wellness, and longevity.

Esther saved me from surgery, and since then she has successfully treated other injuries I inevitably incur in my field of work as a professional climber.
— BG

What to expect 


You can expect a likely combination of specific therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and alignment education to all be a part of treatment at Grassroots, depending on your individual needs and diagnosis.

Generally, you can expect your first visit to be one hour. Subsequent visits will be either one hour or a half an hour, depending on your needs.

At Grassroots, we want to get you back to function and wellness as soon as possible.  Number of visits range from 2-6, with more or less depending on your needs. 

Our therapists are also trained to identify when conservative treatment might not benefit you. If this is the case, you are quickly referred for alternate care, thus avoiding unnecessary periods of inappropriate or expensive treatment.

We are housed within Terra Health Collective, which is a collaborative, multidisciplinary space that offers Pilates, yoga, wellness coaching, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The entrance to our office is located on the North end of Chabad Square (1760 S. 1100 E., Suite 3)