Grassroots is proud to specialize in physical therapy for climbers, and was the first clinic in SLC to offer climber specific rehabilitation.

We are long-time climbers ourselves so we understand the unique physical demands of the sport and how to treat and prevent common climbing related injuries. We have been honing our treatment skills for years, helping hundreds of climbers including professional athletes like Brittany Griffith, Babsi Zangerl and Sam Elias to get back in the game. It is through this experience that we have developed the most relevant and effective climber specific rehab treatment to offer our climbing community.

Rock Climbing PT
Rock Climbing Maple Canyon


You have arrived at the premier resource center for climbing specific physical therapy.

Rock climbing physical therapy
Climbing Physical Therapy
Climbing Physical Therapy

On-site services:

  • Climbing injury evaluation
  • Climbing injury diagnosis
  • Climbing injury treatment
  • Manual therapy for climbers
  • Strengthening exercises for climbers
  • Mobility exercises for climbers
  • Rehab programs for climber injuries
  • Injury prevention for climbers
  • Hanging and climbing assessment

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In-gym injury consult

Off-site services:

In-gym consult
Meet us at Momentum Millcreek climbing gym in SLC for an in-gym injury consult and movement assessment service. By observing your movement on and off-the-wall and understanding your concerns, we can help you understand how to prevent climbing injuries, manage a current injury, perform climbing oppositional exercises correctly, and hang and train optimally.

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Climbing specific Pilates class
Taught by Esther Smith at Streamline Pilates 7-8am on Wednesday mornings.

Streamline Pilates, Studio NORTH:
1760 s 1100 e, Suite 3
Salt Lake City, UT  84106

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Self Treatment resources

Online resources:

Self Treatment

Climber’s Kit Self Treatment Video

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