Manual Physical Therapy


Manual Physical Therapy refers to advanced hands-on techniques applied to joints and soft tissue to promote normal functioning and mechanics.This includes spine and extremity joint mobilization and manipulation techniques, soft tissue mobilization and Dry Needling. These techniques are  used to assist you in progressing to independent self-management.

We believe in the healing power of touch and feel that it is missing in much of our current healthcare experience. However, we also believe that no provider holds a “magic wand” that has the power to heal without proper time and energy invested. 


Benefits of Manual Physical Therapy:

→ Pain reduction
→ Increased range of motion (ROM)
→ Reduction or elimination of soft tissue inflammation
→ Inducing relaxation
→ Improving contractile and non-contractile tissue repair, extensibility, and/or stability
→ Facilitating movement
→ Improving function


Applying Manual Physical Therapy

Our goal:


Our manual physical therapy techniques are applied after a thorough mechanical examination and exhaustive patient education so that you hold the power to facilitate the healing environment that your body needs. Utilizing manual physical therapy techniques helps us learn and feel what’s going on while aiding in your body’s repair, relaxation and reorganization of tissue. 

Our goal is to make you feel better, and we couple manual physical therapy and  therapeutic exercise to encourage a lasting change and eventual autonomy.

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