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Regain and optimize your quality of life by learning to become your own body mechanic through instructional videos that address common challenges like knee pain from running, golfer's elbow tendinitis and sciatica, plus many more. 

Esther Smith (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and Eva Kauffman (Master Pilates Instructor) have combined their philosophies into videos designed to help you understand your body better and teach you how to heal through movement. Using the science and art of physical therapy and the holistic approach of the Pilates Method, they have created hybrid kits of exercises for specific body areas and conditions that you can safely and effectively do at home.

 Physical therapy exercises and Pilates in educational, therapeutic videos that can be downloaded and watched on any desktop or mobile device.

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 To make your self-treatment seamless, each video recommends a set of therapy tools available for purchase.

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 Our videos provide the expert coaching and exercises so you can learn about your body, mobilize, strengthen and reduce pain.

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