Pregnancy and Postpartum care


Pain during pregnancy is common, but does not have to be the norm. Common pregnancy-related pain complaints like back pain, pelvic pain, pubic pain, rib pain, and sciatica can be treated with physical therapy.

At Grassroots we provide specialized care to pregnant women and new moms. During pregnancy, weight gain, changes with your center of gravity and posture, as well as hormonal changes can affect the way you move. These changes are often the driving factor in pregnancy-related symptoms. Women can experience gait changes and issues with transitions as well as pain or discomfort with prolonged activity or lifting during their pregnancy. We provide a safe and thorough evaluation and treatment plan to help get you functioning better through your pregnancy and after delivery. 

Pregnancy and PT

What to expect:

We begin with an examination to determine your specific needs and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. You will receive education and exercises to address flexibility, strength, posture, and functional deficits. Other treatments might involve manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and muscle energy techniques to address pain, tension, and alignment issues. 

Pregnancy physical therapy
  • Benefits:

  • Help increase strength, flexibility, and posture for improved function during pregnancy and improved preparation for delivery

  • Help manage weight changes during and after pregnancy

  • Improve gait and walking tolerance

  • Improve posture and sitting tolerance

  • Improve sleep and ability to transition in and out of bed and on and off surfaces