Grassroots Physical Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy, injury rehabilitation and prevention in Salt Lake City


Brittany Griffith, Indian Creek, UT ©Chris Noble,


Experts in Diagnosis and Treatment.

At Grassroots we are dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality and effective physical therapy and Nutritional Therapy to our Wasatch Front community.

One-on-One care saves you time and money.

Our mission is to provide exceptional care while being respectful of people’s time and money. This is achieved by providing clients with an accurate mechanical diagnosis, individualized treatment and by being efficient with clinic visits.

We advocate for an active recovery and return clients to doing what they love as soon as possible.

Improved mobility for trail runners. Photo: Audrey Kranz
sports physical therapy in SLC
They are personable, compassionate, and knowledgeable all at once. I would recommend Grassroots Physical Therapy to all athletes.
— AG
Frontcountry skiing, Salt Lake City, UT ©Louis Arevalo,

Frontcountry skiing, Salt Lake City, UT ©Louis Arevalo,


We treat anyone who is invested in improving their own health. Coming to Grassroots means entering a partnership: we provide the expertise and support it takes to diagnose, manage, and even abolish your pain, while you commit the time and effort required to heal.

Professional Climber Dan Mirsky hanging right / Photo: Black Diamond

Professional Climber Dan Mirsky hanging right / Photo: Black Diamond

Individualized care

Time with our therapists means one-on-one, individualized care. First, we listen to your story, then we create a plan to progress you through the appropriate therapy (possibly specific exercise, alignment training and/or manual therapy), finally we provide you with a self-maintenance program that will help you prevent the problem from happening again.

Physical Therapy Client Education

Client education

We focus on education and active client involvement during the course of treatment; both help to facilitate rapid recovery, restore function and independence, ultimately minimizing the number of visits to the clinic.

Morning Extension, Zion NP, UT, ©Louis Arevalo,

Morning Extension, Zion NP, UT, ©Louis Arevalo,

Healing network

Grassroots is interested in providing the local community with a healing network of providers. We work with massage therapists, acupuncturists, yoga and Pilates instructors, personal trainers, naturopathic doctors, and medical doctors to provide you a network of care that will most suit your specific needs.