How to Hang Right: Optimal Shoulder Posture for Climbers

It’s a myth of climbing beta that we’ve all heard: hanging on your bones instead of engaging muscles conserves energy while resting on a climb. The fallacy of this myth is that the human body is not manufactured to function like a bag of rocks. Hanging loose puts undue stress, wear, and tear on the soft tissues that function to connect the bones in our shoulders, leading to a host of insidious injuries. The wild thing is that climbers are hanging loose even when energy conservation isn’t a concern, such as on the hangboard or pull-up bar.

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Proteolytic Enzymes and Inflammation

Is inflammation getting you down?

Following injury, whether from a specific traumatic event or as a result of accumulative, repetitive stress, our body responds by initiating an inflammatory cascade of events targeting the injured tissue. This inflammatory response is carried out by a predictable series of events intended to clean up cellular debris, repair the insulted tissue, and allow return to normal function over the course of weeks to months.

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