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"Esther is more than a physical therapist, she is an educator, a coach and an athlete who demonstrates in her own life, the value of maintaining physical balance while working toward athletic goals. I have seen Esther for finger, knee and shoulder-related injuries resulting from trauma as well as over-use. In each case, she efficiently identified the problem and provided me with a successful solution that worked with my training plan. Thanks to Esther, I know more about my own physiology and what I can do to keep climbing and running happily."


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"After 2 months of shoulder pain and scary internet research that warned of surgeries and dislocations, I was so lucky to find Katy at Grassroots Therapy. As a rock climber, my shoulders are an important part of the equation. Katy was able to determine the cause of my pain, and teach me exercises to eradicate the problem and prevent future shoulder-related weaknesses. I am now pain free and climbing well."

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"I'm a professional climber and over the years I've been frustrated by various chronic injuries: shoulders, back, elbows. Climbing is my life and my profession, so surgery and a long time off to recover, as recommended by other PTs, was not an option. The first thing Esther said to me was, “I know you aren’t going to stop what you are doing, so let’s come up with a treatment that works for you.” Esther saved me from surgery, and since then she has successfully treated other injuries I inevitably incur in my field of work.”


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“Esther has helped me overcome some back and hip pain from a spinal fusion, without her help I don't think I would be as active (and pain free) as I am now. Several of the reasons that seeing Esther has been more beneficial than a regular PT, is that she has the time to work through a specific pain while you are in her office, she is active herself, and she tries to get you to a place where you don't need to return weekly.”


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“I have been through PT before for various injuries and it was a completely different experience from working with Esther. In my past experiences I felt like I was in a PT factory. Show up for the appointment, do the exercises I was given, oftentimes without any supervision/guidance, get an ice pack and repeat a couple times a week. Esther listened to my concerns and goals and showed me exercises to help me get back to climbing safely and stronger after shoulder surgery. She did a variety of manual therapies that often pushed me. I felt like I was continually getting something out of our sessions instead of just going through the motions. Thanks Esther!”


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"Working with Katy was different because she corrected the source of my pain (which was actually me neck!) rather than just treating my symptoms or pain. As a climber herself, she understood the ways I use my shoulder, and she was empathetic to my need to keep climbing. Katy is personable, compassionate, and knowledgeable all at once. I would recommend grassroots physical therapy to all athletes. Having an athletic therapist makes a big difference!"

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"I came to see Esther regarding a recurring pain in the top of my right hip, one that I'd been experiencing every few months for several years. The last round had been very painful, and had been lasting for weeks instead of the normal few days. By the time I saw her, it was largely under control again, so what I was hoping for was a diagnosis and an approach to prevent it.

She had me go through quite a few movements and postures, identifying which caused pain and which led to relief. At the time, since the pain was minimal, this wasn't as exacting as it would have been during the flare-up. Even so, she came up with what has certainly seemed to be an accurate diagnosis, and any time I begin to feel twinges of that pain, the PT exercises she showed me provide immediate relief. I've also had some other recurring, less severe pains in a few parts of my back, and these exercises relieve those, too, which makes me think her diagnosis was spot on.

I am thrilled that, because of her thoroughness, I'm likely to have gone from controlling a symptom to correcting the underlying cause. I have been to PTs before, but haven't had one spend that much time on a diagnosis. My impression is that most PT is damage control, but Esther wants to completely understand the problem and fix it. I highly recommend her." 


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“I saw Esther for a chronic shoulder issue, which she analyzed and prescribed simple and very effective daily exercises to relieve the pain. Esther takes time to really listen and understand the underlying dysfunction with your injury. She is also a climber so easily grasps how muscles over/underdeveloped due the demands and stress of this sport. Most importantly, she advocates active recovery and is extremely supportive of climbing through healing an injury.”


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“PT with Esther was awesome. I had chronic neck pain for about six months, and I couldn’t sleep through the night. Esther spent quite a bit of time with me going through the possible causes, and then she came up with a program of stretching and exercises. It really worked, and I am super appreciative! PT with Esther was much better than my previous PT experiences. Esther really takes a complete and comprehensive approach. She made the rehab work for my schedule and needs, too. I would highly recommend Esther!”